A Word about Quail Manufacturing:

Quail Manufacturing was born into business in 1953, since then we have grown a reputation of quality, service and reasonable price.  Quail Manufacturing is committed to supplying “eco-friendly” products to our customers, since our products are not motorized there is no “carbon footprint” from there use. There are many of the original units built in 1953 still in service today. They are built to last! There have been no shortcuts in production, to the original design, since the mid 50’s. The frames are built of 1-1/2” angle iron and the handles from 100% American grown hardwood. We use exterior grade enamel paints and spar urethane finishes.

At Quail Manufacturing, we still believe that the only way to guarantee quality is to do business in the USA. None of the materials used to build our cutters come from outside the United States; actually most of our materials come from a 40 mile radius of our facility.

Our cutters have been enjoyed in many different markets throughout the years. The main reason our customers love our cutters is because they are so easy to use, you don’t have to be a weight lifter to easily operate our products. Some of the more popular uses have been for baseball and softball field maintenance, landscaping professionals, parks and recreation, cemeteries, rental stores and of course the serious “Do it Yourselfer”. We have also found that our cutter is very useful in ice removal!

The only maintenance that is required to keep the cutter in tip top shape is to periodically run a draw file over the blade edge.  If the cutter does ever require parts we can help you out, since the production of all the components is done in close proximity; parts are highly available with fast delivery.

Thank you,
For the opportunity to tell our story
Wayne Thompson
President of Quail Manufacturing of Minnesota